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Cherwell Service Platform

Automate Workflows

Quickly and Easily Extend Your Platform with Low-Code Development

The Cherwell Service Platform is the logical foundation on which Cherwell’s ITSM solution content, other Cherwell solutions such as HR or Facilities, and custom-built workflow applications run. It is a codeless platform that reads in metadata configuration files which governs what applications then run on the platform. Cherwell Service Management is the combination of ITSM content and the platform. Other Cherwell non-IT solutions or custom-built solutions could run independently or in combination on the common platform.

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Key Capabilities and Features

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Low-Code Development

The Cherwell Service Platform is governed by metadata configuration files that are created and modified via visual editors without requiring coding or programming expertise.

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Workflow Automation

Automating workflows is the heart of the Cherwell Service Platform. Cherwell provides process workflows and supporting capabilities for ITSM, HR, Facilities, PPM, Security and other content that run on the common platform.

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Mergeable Applications

Extend your Cherwell-based solution with prebuilt Mergeable Applications (mApps) that can be quickly applied to your system. Download from the mApp exchange or create your own.

Whiteboard It, Automate It

The Cherwell Service Platform combines the best of traditional customization in being adaptable to meet unique and changing business needs yet also easy to configure, deploy and upgrade. Our customers recognize the power of the platform to automate workflows with sayings such as “Cherwell can do that”, and that this is done visually without programming or coding.

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Simplify Upgrades

Cherwell’s low-code, configuration file driven architecture dramatically simplifies upgrading. Version upgrades have historically been the bane of the ITSM industry – painful, time consuming, and often costly. Cherwell’s separation of solution content and platform combined with versioning controls and our patented and award-winning application packaging streamlines upgrading.

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Easy to Extend and Integrate

Cherwell and community partners provide hundreds of extensions, enhancements, third-party integrations, and complete solutions that run on the common platform and can be downloaded from the Cherwell Mergeable Application (mApp) exchange. All Cherwell and most of the community content is also available at no additional cost. Extending yourself via codeless configuration and the comprehensive RESTful API further broadens the prebuilt content.

Visit the Cherwell Mergeable Application Exchange

diagram of how Cherwell Service Platform is easy to integrate