Microsoft SCCM Integration

Transform SCCM Software Inventory Data Into License Intelligence

If you're using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage your IT assets, chances are you're struggling to get what you need out of its native hardware and software inventory reporting capabilities. With Cherwell Asset Management, you can extract inventory data residing in your SCCM database, enrich it with your own purchasing data, and present it in reliable, intuitive reports designed to provide maximum visibility into your hardware and software assets—so you don't need to invest in an independent IT asset management platform or deploy additional clients to your desktops. 

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Leverage your Existing SCCM Investment for Better Asset Management

Make Sense of SCCM Data

Transform SCCM's raw hardware and software inventory data into reliable, actionable reports—no SQL expertise required!

Stay Compliant with License Agreements

Easily verify your software license compliance status by reconciling SCCM's software inventory data with purchasing details.

Track Purchasing Details

Track all hardware and software purchasing details using a comprehensive IT purchasing system, and easily reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.

Generate License-Centric Reports

Perform license-centric analysis for complex applications such as suites and editions-providing you with genuine SCCM asset intelligence.

Implement Quickly

Install in a matter of hours without deploying additional clients or making changes to your SCCM implementation.

Enjoy Superior Software Recognition
Software inventory data imported from SCCM is run through a normalized catalog of application titles, providing software recognition that's second to none.

See Cherwell Asset Management in Action

Watch a quick overview of Cherwell Asset Management, including its inventory management, license compliance, and software usage capabilities.

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